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At Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School Kyneton (OLR), we are committed to creating and maintaining a caring school where a sense of belonging is promoted. We strive to respond to the spiritual, academic, social and emotional needs of students and families. At OLR the Gospels of Jesus Christ form the cornerstone for all relationships, interactions and practices. Wellbeing is both practice and perception; action and awareness. It is a state of being well in body, mind and spirit.

Drawing from the wellsprings of our values, sense of purpose and meaning, wellbeing at OLR enlivens what matters in our lives. Wellbeing enhances positive relationships between students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community by providing a positive, supportive and safe teaching and learning environment.

Wellbeing is more than pleasant feelings. It is a positive and sustainable condition that allows individuals, groups, organisations and nations to thrive and flourish. It encompasses resilience, which is the ability to develop and thrive in the face of adversity or the ability to bungy jump through life. (Andrew Fuller)

Wellbeing practices at OLR aim to:

    • develop a sense of worth and appreciate the worth of others.

    • develop an environment where students are valued, respected and confident to be risk takers.

    • create opportunities for students to explore their strengths and set personal goals.

    • create an atmosphere where children feel happy and safe to learn.

    • provide experiences for children in a supportive environment where a sense of belonging is promoted.

    • enable students to develop positive social behaviors and range of strategies for solving problems.

    • encourage healthy relationships

    • develop in students an awareness of their responsibilities for their actions.

    • develop self management and self awareness capabilities

    • Develop capabilities to recognize and manage emotions.

    • develop resilience and respond to challenges effectively.

    • develop skills to adapt to change and allow for opportunities to practice being flexible.

At OLR we are committed to creating and maintaining a caring school where all are valued and respected.

Our ROSARY – Respect Our School Always Respect Yourself is lived out with our 5 pillars, Be Safe, Be Cooperative, Be the best We Can, Be Responsible and Be Caring.

Through the explicit teaching and modelling of social and personal capabilities we strive to assist students to:

    • Establish and maintain healthy relationships

    • Make responsible decisions

    • Recognise and manage their emotions

    • Set positive goals

    • Meet personal and social goals

    • Develop coping skills to deal constructively and effectively with challenges.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is embedded across all areas of the curriculum and is based on the CASEL Social and Emotional Learnings framework:

    • Self awareness

    • Social awareness

    • Responsible decision making

    • Relationship skills

    • Self management.

Seasons Grief and Loss Program

Seasons is a program designed to assist children, young people and their families in coping with the grief experienced through death or changed family circumstances. Seasons is an initiative of the CENTRECARE Catholic Family Services and is offered each year to children in Yr2 to Yr6. A trained Season’s facilitator work with children in small groups over a 10 week program.