At OLR we aim to incorporate eLearning strategies to engage and empower all learners (teachers and students), preparing them to contribute confidently, appropriately, effectively and innovatively to the world around them.

Digital Technologies are integrated throughout the curriculum allowing for flexible teaching methods and catering for different learning styles. We use a combination of laptops and iPads across the school, with G Suite for Years 5/6.

The challenge is to prepare students for their future, equiping them with the skills required for successful participation in their future world. Teachers and students work collaboratively creating music, movies, photo stories, animation and many other multi-media tools to support their learning and use these tools to communicate.

In order to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for our students and staff, the school has eLearning Agreements that all students and parents/carers must understand and sign. The purpose of the Agreements is to make students/parents/carers aware of what OLR considers to be acceptable and unacceptable usage of these digital technologies and to provide guidelines for good practice by students. All students are introduced/reintroduced to the Agreement during the first weeks of the school year. Internet use at OLR is supervised by teachers, our aim however is to prepare students for their use of the Internet and other technologies beyond the classroom.

Here is a helpful link: https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents

It is also important for parents/carers to be aware of age restrictions: https://www.esafety.gov.au/key-issues/esafety-guide