From the Principal

Daniel Bermingham


Walking into the grounds of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School Kyneton you will surely feel a sense of welcome and care, and a strong presence of faith and pride - even before you meet any of the students, families or staff. We are passionately Catholic and use our faith to guide our actions and values.

OLR indeed offers a physically pleasing environment that fosters learning and growth but it is the human connections and relationships that is the real strength. We have a saying here at OLR where 'not only do we enrol your child, we enrol your family'. This focus on relationships and the family-school partnership drives our thinking and the realisation that the wellbeing of our students and our families is directly related and interdependent with student outcomes.

Investigation and Inquiry based learning programs we use throughout the school, and in particular our junior classes, highlight and focus on attachment, engagement and motivating our students. We are passionate about laying a foundation of learning independence and ownership where students are encouraged to take risks and to problem solve in a safe and stimulating setting.

We realise students are all on their own unique learning and faith journeys and that difference is to be celebrated and accepted. Our Lady of the Rosary students 'Learn by doing', through a rigorous yet creative curriculum.

We are proud of our achievements and being a part of such an exciting and evolving Kyneton community.

Families interested in joining our Learning Community are warmly invited to give us a call on 54222056 or drop us an email