Investigations is a unique play and individual inquiry-based pedagogy designed at OLR.

'Play is the most important vehicle for children's emotional, social and cognitive development.' Kathy Walker

Investigations is based on developmentally appropriate pactices. Children learn best from the years 0-8 through hands on experiences that they can interact and construct with. Investigations seeks to ensure that classrooms are filled with highly motivated children who are learning how to learn with a mix of active investigation and formalised instruction alongside opportunities for greater levels of decision making, choice, active participation and a wide range of mediums in which to explore, learn and acquire skills.

Aspects of education that are needed to set children up to be successful learners, to know how to learn, to love learning, to be resilient, to problem solve, to think laterally and to view life as an opportunity to learn no matter how old they may be are addressed in Investigations. Children are more highly motivated to learn and sustain their own learning if they are engaged through opportunities to make authentic choices.

Investigations provides a learning environment that is an invitation to children to explore, investigate, experiment and discover that learning is fun, productive and achievable.

'Oral language is a critical element of the early years of learning. The most effective means to promote oral language is to provide a rich range of opportunities for children to engage with each other, to experiment and practice with words, language and conversation. The development of oral language underpins all aspects of learning and is the major contributor to a child's comprehension.' Kathy Walker

'The best way to prepare students for the future is to empower them in the present.' John Spencer