Mission & Vision


To impart Australian democratic values, encouraging each student to be an active and loyal member of the school and wider communities.

To provide a formation in faith as articulated through the traditions of the Catholic Church and the Religious Education Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

To ensure the protection of all children and young people within a safe school environment. Procedures for addressing child safety will be in line with the Child Safe Government guidelines and policies.

To design and deliver a curriculum that conforms with Government Guidelines.

To be committed to professionalism through a pedagogy that is both current and modelled on Jesus Christ, the Teacher.

To provide a learning environment that caters for the individual needs of each student. One that is safe, just and pursues excellence.

To provide a duty of pastoral care for the staff, the students and their families.

To encourage student resiliency, responsibility, courtesy, cooperation and self-discipline.

To monitor and report the academic progress of each student by appropriate assessment and reporting as required by authorities.


Our Lady of The Rosary Parish School serves the Parishes of Kyneton and Trentham.

Faithful to the living tradition of the Catholic Church and in partnership with the parishes, we give witness to the life of Jesus, through the patronage of Our Lady.

Committed to the protection of all children and young people. Their inherent dignity is respected and nurtured within our safe school environment; as is their fundamental right. This is particularly so for the most vulnerable children, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and children with a disability.

Recognising and promoting acceptance of differing abilities and needs within the community, we nurture and develop the potential of each individual.

Acknowledging that learning is an interactive process, members of this welcoming community participate in the development of life-long learners.

Through the provision of an inclusive environment, and inspired by the example of Jesus Christ, we are empowered to create a socially just world making peace a reality for all.