School Advisory Council

From 1 January 2021, the Board of Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS) has responsibility for the strategic direction and oversight of the operation and management of MACS Catholic schools, including Our Lady of the Rosary. Clear lines of authority, reporting and delegation have been established which delegate the day to day operational management of Our Lady of the Rosary to the principal.

In keeping with the objects of the MACS Constitution, which states “The good work of educating the young, undertaken in the light of the Gospel, is a co-responsible task led by every member of the Catholic school community”, the School Advisory Council provides a crucial point of connection between the wider school community and school leaders. While the School Advisory Council does not have a decision-making authority, it informs, advises and supports the principal and school leadership.

The School Advisory Council provides a forum for discussion and discernment, where the parent / guardian voice and perspective are available to inform and support the decisions made by the principal and parish priest for the good of school and parish where the wellbeing and outcomes for students is paramount.

Aimee Fryer


Father Declan O'Brien

Parish Priest

Daniel Bermingham


Anne Ferrie

Deputy Principal

Andrea Knight

Deputy Chairperson

Bryanna Sandercock

Parish Representative

Juliet Snelling

P&F Representative

Simone Hoopell

Parent Representative

Luke Young

Parent Representative

Jodie Keast