We at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School Kyneton believe that Mathematics pervades all aspects of our lives and competence as citizens, in our homes and in the workplace. It has applications in all human activities, crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries. Mathematics provides a universal way of solving problems in such diverse areas as science and engineering, business and finance, technology, arts and crafts and many everyday activities. Competence in mathematics is integral to successful participation in modern society.

In Maths at OLR we aim for every child to achieve to the very best of their ability. We teach maths daily as a standalone subject and also incorporate maths into other areas of the curriculum where it is appropriate.

We have a very comprehensive assessment schedule which allows us to track every student and target them at their level and intervene if necessary. We run a Maths Intervention Program for students that have been identified as needing some extra support in grasping the fundamentals of number. We also provide a Maths Extension Program for students from years 4-6 to further challenge those students who need something extra. These students also participate in the Australian Maths Competition.

We follow the Victorian Curriculum for Mathematics and assess all our students against the Victorian Curriculum standards.

Over the last few years we have been working on enhancing our maths/science garden to take maths out of the classroom and into the real world. Students enjoy exploring the worlds of measurement, fractions and shape in and around our vegetable garden beds, fruit trees and with the maths specific additions of large balance beams, large wooden abacus, spinning wheel and compass arrows to name a few.

Strategies for solving worded problems: