Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at OLR is a vibrant and inclusive program for students from Prep to Six. We believe that all students to have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills through song, dance, drama and play. The weekly program includes activities to develop voice, beat, rhythm, movement and instrumental skills. There are regular performance opportunities in small and large groups to enable students to showcase their creative skills.

All classes regularly access a variety of classroom instruments including guitar, ukelele, keyboard, drums and xylophone. There are free guitar lessons available for students every Thursday at recess and also Choir on a Tuesday. Students have the opportunity to enhance our Liturgical celebrations by being a part musical accompaniment groups.

Every two years we present a unique style of school production, that involves every student in the school as well as most teachers! This is a great school community event as well as an opportunity for all students to shine in a variety of ways.

We also hold a biannual family school dance that allows students to learn group dances, teach them to their families and then we all come together in a whole school dance event.

All classes receive Performing Arts classes every week, as it is considered an important part of our students' development.