In recognition of Literacy being the cornerstone of educational and global success and the foundation upon which all learning is built, at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School we place an emphasis on Literacy with careful planning and teaching, followed up with thorough assessment and feedback procedures throughout all year levels.

In the early years, as children begin to formally acquire their skills in English, we are focused on sequentially developing the basics in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills and knowledge. We continue to work along a continuum on which children develop further and ever more complex competencies, which are often applied across integrated curriculum areas. We aim to provide learners with the ability to organise and express their own thoughts, comprehend the thoughts of others and respond in various ways to a range of genre and literature forms. Communication skills and digital competencies are vital for the age in which our children will be participating as global citizens. They combine to form a set of “wide-ranging life skills which [may] play a central role in determining people’s life choices and life chances” (ALEA declaration 2015.)

Digital technology proficiencies are therefore also prioritised throughout the curriculum, so that learners can confidently access, understand, analyse and evaluate ideas and information. Children have daily opportunities to engage with language, through reading, writing, listening and speaking and teachers have high expectations for all learners to make appropriate progress and achieve their full potential as literate individuals.