Learning & Teaching Design Principles

We believe in providing learning and teaching experiences that promoteour catholic identity and the value and dignity of all human persons.

We believe working collaboratively with parents and the wider community contributes to the development of the whole child. This partnership enhances learning and fosters connectedness with all stakeholders.

We believe in having high expectations for all.

We believe in creating motivated and passionate learners who confidently take risks and are inspired to be curious and creative.

We believe in creating a collaborative learning environment where each child’s academic, social, emotional and personal capabilities are valued, developed and celebrated.

We believe all children have the right to learn and that opportunities should be provided for them to access the curriculum at their point of need.

We are committed to using current and best practice in emerging technologies to enhance learning opportunities which responsibly and effectively engage with the local and global community.

We believe in creating safe, stimulating and collaborative learning environments to enable life-long learning competencies.