The 5 Spheres

Religious Education at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School has a strong focus on the intersection of our Catholic Faith and our lives. Learning experiences encompass the Catholic worldview guided by Catholic Social Justice Teachings. Supporting parents as the first educators of their children in Faith is a priority for our school. Working as an active partner with parents, the school immerses children in learning encounters that support their growth as faith filled, curious, questioning and dialogical learners in an ever changing 21st Century world.

As a Catholic school community we embrace prayer as an integral part of each school day. Many rich and varied prayer opportunities supporting individual, communal, vocal, silent, informal and liturgical experiences support the nurturing of each person’s development and relationship with God.

Exploring the Catholic signs and symbols and the rich traditions of our Faith, students prepare and celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation thereby deepening their connection and their belonging to the faith community. Throughout the Church year children learn and celebrate the significant events of our Catholic Faith.

At Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School (OLR), we are committed to creating and maintaining a caring school where a sense of belonging is promoted. We strive to respond to the spiritual, academic, social and emotional needs of students and families. At OLR the Gospels of Jesus Christ form the cornerstone for all relationships, interactions and practices. Wellbeing is both practice and perception; action and awareness. It is a state of being well in body, mind and spirit.

Drawing from the wellsprings of our values, sense of purpose and meaning, wellbeing at OLR enlivens what matters in our lives. Wellbeing enhances positive relationships between students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community by providing a positive, supportive and safe teaching and learning environment.

Through the explicit teaching and modelling of social and personal capabilities we strive to assist students to:

Establish and maintain healthy relationships, Make responsible decisions, Recognise and manage their emotions, Set positive goals, Meet personal and social goals, Develop coping skills to deal constructively and effectively with challenges.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is embedded across all areas of the curriculum and is based on the CASEL Social and Emotional Learnings framework:

Self awareness, Social awareness, Responsible decision making, Relationship skills, Self management

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School has formulated a committed and passionate leadership team who are centered on successful student learning. Over a number of years the focus of the leadership team has shifted from management and administration to educational leadership. This shift has emphasised the importance of ensuring that the work of the leadership is closely connected to the functions of day to day schooling. The Principal, Deputy Principal and Leading Teachers focus on five important areas within the school. These include The Faith Community, Learning and Teaching, People and Resources, Student Wellbeing and Community. Plans for ongoing improvement in these areas are formed from standardised accountability; this is closely monitored and reviewed every four years.

Exercising leadership at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School primarily entails mobilising and energising others, with the aim of improving teaching and learning. Teachers are by far the most important resource for student learning in the school. Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School has developed a strong performance and development culture aimed at achieving the goals of the School Improvement Plan. As leaders in a Catholic school we have a clear purpose focused on meeting the educational and spiritual needs of individual students, and aim to develop in them the Christian identity of which Christ is the foundation.

At Our Lady of the Rosary Parish School we believe that the values taught and practiced by Jesus Christ – love, justice, freedom, compassion, hope and forgiveness – inform and enrich every aspect of school life and prepare our students for the world they live in.